Private gong and sound baths, Clapham Common


Tranquil home studio for private sessions

Tranquil home studio for private sessions

Mums & babies gong bath

Mums & babies gong bath

I love your gong baths and find them very helpful... the sessions are really helping me through a difficult & stressful time.
— CM, 30 years old, female

Enjoy a therapeutic and restorative gong bath at my Clapham Common home studio.  Very private, beautiful and tranquil space.   A few minutes' walk from Clapham Common & Clapham South tubes,  one minute from bus stop 50/155/249.  Parking available.

One-to-one sessions

Using the "BAST Method" (devised by the British Academy of Sound Therapy and based on over 15 years' experience and research), sessions start with a short and simple process of guided observation to determine what instruments and playing techniques to use.  Then it's just about lying down - on a yoga mat or on a massage couch, the choice is yours - and enjoying the sounds.  One-to-one sessions are completely customised to the individual client's needs.  

Allow 1.5 hours for the first session, and 1.25 hours for subsequent sessions. 

£75 per session or £260 for a block of 4 sessions (recommended).

Private small group sessions

For groups of 2  - 8 people, private small group sessions are a great way to share a wonderful, uplifting and relaxing experience with family or friends.  And if there are 8 of you, it's actually cheaper than attending one of my public sessions.  

Sessions last 1 hour (longer sessions available on request).

2-4 people: £85 per session (weekdays), £105 per session (eves & weekends), discount for multiple sessions.

4-8 people: £105 per session (weekdays), £125 per session (eves & weekends), discount for multiple sessions.

Corporate Sarasa Sound gong baths

Bring Sarasa Sound to your place of work!  (or anywhere else, within reason...)

An unusual & inclusive activity for your staff wellbeing programme, a perfect ingredient for your team planning or away-day, a highly-regarded final session for your yoga workshop...

Cost depends on various factors including: where you are, accessibility of the space, number of attendees, length of session, how much equipment you want me to bring (how many gongs? do you provide mats etc or do I need to bring?).  

Get in touch to discuss how you might bring Sarasa Sound to you!

Restorative gong baths for vulnerable and excluded groups

One of Sarasa Sound's aims is to reach people who are particularly excluded, marginalised and vulnerable, as they can particularly benefit from gong baths yet can find them inaccessible due to cost and other factors.  

At the moment, Sarasa Sound works towards this aim in two specific ways:

1. the weekly Sunday evening gong baths in Clapham North are offered on a "pay what you can afford" basis, and all publicity for these sessions explicitly states "no one is excluded on grounds of cost".  

2. running monthly gong baths on-site at the fantastic Dragon Cafe, a drop-in, free, service in London SE1 for people living in the community with mental health difficulties.  

If you have any ideas or opportunities for Sarasa Sound to expand this side of our work, please get in touch!  

Gong bath at the Dragon Cafe

Gong bath at the Dragon Cafe