Feedback from gong bath attendees:

I’ve had a pretty blissful week since last Sunday’s session, after a long period of stress over the last three months or so, and I’ve really enjuoyed the relief and change it’s brought.
— MM, male
I just have to say, I have had the best sleep each night this week after last Sunday! Good sleep is not something that comes easily to me, so I am very grateful.
— HE, female
I use a fitbit to help me manage my ME and last night I logged longer time in deep sleep than I have in months, which was wonderful. My resting heart rate has also dropped by a point (which is good, high resting heart rate is an indicator of crashes/relapses).
— CV, female
I have never done anything like the gong bath before and they have been really helping me feel better and I feel like it’s improving my mental health. Also, you are always so kind and welcoming, I really appreciate it!
— CK, female

Feedback from 1-2-1 therapeutic sound sessions:

The treatments helped significantly with my anxiety. I also had a massive improvement in my sense of balance, my energy levels as well as physical ailments such as issues with my ear and jaw. Even more significantly, I felt like the sound therapy helped me see the links between the mental, the spiritual, and the physical, which in turn helped me understand any concerns which I had. I also found the session where we focussed on a relative minor physical ailment (my aching neck from too much weight training ad the gym!) extremely significant. This was because by focussing on an issue which is certainly there, however small, Cathy was able to get me to a deeper level of feeling and experience. I also found that on many occasions during the sound therapy itself, I reached an altered state of consciousness which felt very profound, and brought a deeper level of meaning, healing and understanding to my life.
— SF, 31 years old, female
My sessions with Cathy have been amazing. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with her. I felt much better after the sessions: the heaviness in the heart was gone. I definitely feel much better: my first experience of “gong therapy” has been extremely positive and I totally recommend to everyone to have a got at it.
— MV, 52 years old, male
I have experienced an acceleration of the healing process in my body. I’ve been experiencing a lot of release in the spine (which is decompressing), my ribcage, and my scapula (which is becoming unstuck). I’m feeling more loose, elongated and open. I am experiencing a gradual release at the level of my bones which I had no idea were storing so much stuckness and tension. It feels like a life times worth of holding is finally beginning to release. I’m very thankful for the sessions and the shift that’s occurring.
— ST, 59 years old, female, sickle cell anaemia
[The sessions have] helped clear negativity from my mind, organise my thoughts, and think/look more clearly to the future. I learnt many new things about myself, and new ways to organise my life, and to relax and ease my anxiety. I have a newfound perspective on past unsettling events, and a regained clarity of thought, that is helping me forge a new way forward. I feel more prepared to face the future. I enjoyed the sessions immensely: the discussions, the sound therapy itself, the beautiful, calming environment in which the sessions took place, and Cathy’s support and company.
— AF, 34 years old, male